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Increase Notice

2017-01-16 Steel Strap Increase


Stretch Film, Sheeting and Poly Increase!

We have received the following increase announcements:

Product Line Amount - Date
Blown Stretch Film 4% on 10/1
Loosefill 8% on 10/1

All Sigma Stretch Film Products 4% on 10/5

Cast Stretch Film 4% on 10/15
High Performance Stretch Film 4% on 10/15
Engineered Stretch Film 4% on 10/15
Pre-Stretch Film 4% on 10/15

Beat the increase by placing your orders today!
Ethane costs has spiked unexpectedly this month.  Resin producers have announced a 5% increase effective immediately.  They have reinforced this increase with an additional increase effective next month.
Contact your salesperson at (630)279-9330 for more information on how we can help you manage the scheduled increase.

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3 Increase so far on Steel Strap. More in the horizon!
Pressure Sensitive Tape continues to go up
Increases in freight costs and lead time prompting manufacturers to raise costs

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